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I first want to say THANK YOU LANA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! out in public!!!! lol...

Through PM, she was able to help me with the project!!!

Now, ya'll have suggested less poofy sleeves, which I totally agree with!!!

The sleeves are done in short rows, which I am guessing lends itself to the poofyness. Most sleeves I have seen are sewn of after they are made. These, you pick up the stitches.

Is there a formula for sleeves? That would probably be the best. I'll probably not be working on these until tomorrow, or late tonight, as the front and back will be done today!!

Suggestions as to what to do??

I am using the pattern more again, as a formula. I'm also going to look for a MUCH MUCH simpler skirt pattern. Have I arrived?? modifiying something so much??? lol...

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