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Originally Posted by butterflymama
I love that sweater. Do tell the pattern and yarn colors please.

I just lost my beloved dog, Chloe (chihuahua), 2/16 from an attack Rottweiler and his lab mix mother. She was 8 years old 2/15. Her brother, Silas is very sad and lonely and I think that sweater would look perfect on him. (attack story is I let her out to pee, turned my head to pick up my oldest and she was attacked, less than 2 feet from my front door and we live on the back of 7 a neighbors dogs. It was truely one of the most horrible things I have ever seen)

Anyway, not to dampen the mood! I love to see pics of furbabies.
I am really sorry to hear about your dog. :crying: I used have a flat-coated retriever named Midnight Shadow. She was all black. She was the best dog ever! She died Christmas Eve (1999) morning from a tumor in her front left leg. She was only about 7 yrs old. My Dad cried the most, though we all cried too. I still think of her every day. She was a big part our family. I should scan her pictures. I do agree they need to put those dogs away! I will post the link of the hooded dog sweater I want to knit. I have it saved on my comp at home. (I'm at work.) That would be nice to knit Silas a sweater! I'm sure he would love it!
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