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Very cool story! Below are a couple of links to other stories abouting knitting and education with a blurb from each article beneath the link. I think I missed the day in school where the term "bodily-kinesthetic" :thinking: was explained, but it sure sounds important!

"Knitting works well because it is portable and cheap," Symonds explained. She suggests that it also brings together many parts of the multiple intelligences approach -- mathematical-logical intelligence, visual-spatial, bodily-kinesthetic, interpersonal, and naturalist.

Knitting is also stimulating and beneficial for students. At private Waldorf Schools throughout the United States, instructors teach knitting to their first-grade students as part of the curriculum. School administrators state that knitting teaches mathematics, concentration and improves dexterity. Many educators have also found that students are more receptive to all types of learning after knitting for a period of time.
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