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bodily-kinesthetic just means that the learner learns best by being able to move and use their body as part of their learning. It's from Howard Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences--wrote a mini thesis on it as my senior seminar project as an undergrad. Makes a whole lotta sense...

Thanks for the links to the other articles--My sis played w/ Waldorf education for her dd and they did the knitting--she moved over to home schooling and kept it up. She's 9 now and knows the basics. I can't wait to teach my dd how to knit...

I'm so sad b/c starting a knitting group for elem kiddos is a great idea but for me, there are two problems: 1) I'm taking over secondary edu. supervision (for my program) next year so I'll no longer be in an elementary school AND I work in a school system that is very middle-class/poverty-like and most of the kids can't stay for after school activities unless transportation is provided. As a school system employee, I can't transport students in my personal vehicle and the county (of course) wouldn't provide transportation for a "leisure" activity.

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