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Originally Posted by Ingrid
Jenelle has one advantage over us in the spending-too-much-on-yarn department. She's got about 5 years before she can get a credit card of her own. She also has her mom to keep her in check. Maybe I should adopt a sensible mom. :thinking:

Bah! That will never work! I collect teddy bears and whenever i showed mom a new bear i got she said "did you really NEED another bear?"

ummm who said it is about need?

now that i knit whenever we go shopping she wants to take me to her stitch shop. I feel bad because they don't have as much good yarn as my LYS and i am generally not that interested. Soooo i tell her i really don't need any new yarn. ( see this coming)

"Who says it is about need?"

and she is serious!

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