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Gown-Question update
I've done short rows before (once a long time ago, and on socks)

here's where I am stuck...

Sleeves (must be completed before the rest of the dress) worked in stockinette stitch:
At one armhole edge, pick up 46 sts around armhole.
Starting with a purl row, work across 17 sts, place a marker, then work across next 12. Turn.
Knit into front and back of next 12 sts to marker.
*** I've done the above, and now am at the below.

Work short rows (working in 1 st at each turn) until 5 sts rem at each end. Does "working in" mean decrease? and "each end" of what are they talking about? or am I increasing at each end, which makes less sense. And if am decreasing, am I picking up, the stitches that didn't get purled in the first row? if in fact I am decreasing?
Add in two sts at each end of next two rows, then add in rem 3 sts at end of next two rows. I get the first part in black, but the second part in blue, what remaining 3 stitches?
Work 2 rows even. I get this
Right side should be facing for next row. I get this from here to the end, but I will not be doing the beading...THIS time around!!!
Next row: k1, *k2 tog,rep from * across.
Purl one row. Next Row: k1, *yo, k2 tog, rep from * ending k1. On next row, add beads on every k2 tog st from last row. (This is done by taking a the Size 10 metal crochet hook, insert hook through bead, then pull stitch off needle and through the bead. Replace st back on needle and purl that stitch.) Bind off knitwise on next row.

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