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need reasonable $ natural fiber yarn for baby
One of my best friends is expecting a baby in the fall and I would like to knit a blanket for the little guy/girl. My friend is pretty picky about her own clothing as far as not using polyester or other "un-natural" fibers. She prefers cotton, wool and the like. I know she would feel the same about her baby. I'm on a fairly tight budget so my question is can anyone recomend a nice "natural" yarn for a baby that won't kill my wallet? I don't have a yarn store near me except a Joanne's but would order online if necessary. Would love it if it was machine wash/dry as well but that may be too picky. Not that big of a deal if it is great yarn. I'm a new knitter and don't know a lot about yarn yet. Any ideas would be great! Thanks! :XX:
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