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3x3 Ribbing is twisted and loopy
I have been teaching myself to knit with books and videos for several months now. I finally got the stockinett stitch down pat and wanted to move on to ribbing. I have a super cute pattern for a neck cozy that I want to make but I am having some serious problems with 3x3 ribbing. I knit 3, Purl 3 repeat to end of row. I have done this many times and it doesn't come out looking anything like ribbing. I have watched the video for ribbing on this site several times and it seems that I am doing it the same way. Can anyone give me any advice on this pattern of ribbing? I know it is a vague question but I need help! I have knitted as many as 7-8 rows and still can not discern an obvious "rib" look. Unlike with garter and stockinette where the stitches all seem to be lined up neatly coming off the needle these stitches seem to twist around and are not aligned completely. Also, the stitches look loopy and bumpy. Sometimes the loops look sort of knotted together and are tight. Any advice will be helpful even if you can't envision what I am talking about! I really want to make this cozy!
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