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Bamboo yarn - NOT needles!
OK, I was in Target with my DD yesterday and I saw something new (to me anyway! :rollseyes: ) There were sheet sets and they were made from Bamboo! I swear to you, they were amazing! They were soft and silky and smooth and cool to the touch and... just lovely.

I thought about Bamboo all night and did a search and, sure enough, there is bamboo yarn! Now, it seems fairly expensive to me but... maybe someone else will not think it so - the early search results found 100 g, 250 yrds. @ $13.35 (use 6 US or 4.25mm needles)

This is the on-line description: "Made by processing the bamboo grass stalk and combing the fiber strands from the actual plant itself, this yarn is 100% bamboo with nothing else added! Often compared to premier ramie, it's cool and silky soft to the touch and works up beautifully in sweaters, tops, dresses, skirts, really anything where a flowing drape is important."

So... has anyone ever knit with Bamboo yarn? These sheets were just amazing so I wonder if the yarn knits up as soft and silky. I haven't felt the yarn in person and this is just a new idea for me so any input is welcome! Since Spring and Summer are coming... it might be a fun yarn to work with! (I hate to work with wool in the Summer. :crying: )

Thanks guys! Angela
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