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Originally Posted by candicane

PS: Found this at

i think the $13.35 is a better deal even though i like them perdy cuhlerz down there at the bottom of that list. this kind is only 77 yards...the other was 250 yards.

Carmen, talk to your friend about the stuff sythetic yarn is made of! not too environmentally friendly either! *sigh* sadly unless you are growing your own supply or are very closely attached to the people who are growing or producing it, it is hard to make sure that all sources are working ethically. and of course it becomes easier to stop being ethical in production of any goods and services when we are willing to trade cheaper products for it. :(

but of course NOW i am obsessing about those sheets. i saw them when i was in target the other day but someone was hovering around them and i couldn't get to them (ya know, one of those people who stops their cart right in front of where you are looking and doesn't move AND you can't get around them?! yeah it was THAT woman and her entourage!)

good excuse to go to target i think... :rofling:
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