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:thinking: OK, here's what I'm getting so far:

Julie has felt it up but has yet to tell me what her reaction was.

Mer used it for a fantastic looking scarf but it wasn't as soft as I'm thinking. (Thank you so much for your honesty! The scarf is so pretty though!)

Acmesarah advises feeling before buying - I'm liking this idea!

I have started a debate about sheep and natural yarn products! Um... sorry. That kinda caught me off guard.

So... anyone else? I am hoping that this yarn is silky and cool to the touch and would work for a summer sweater but... I'm still looking for advice from people who have used it. Did Mer get a wonky batch or did Acmesarah find some red that just happened to be super silky? What's "normal" for this yarn?

I did not make a mad dash to the LYS today but... tomorrow is always an option! I will hope to get some more input!

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