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It is VERY easy. The only thing is finding the right size for what you want. Some hardware store may have more varied sizes then others so if you're really into it, then try different hardware stores. Local stores havemore stuff than yer avaerage Home Depot mega super store that is more focused on selling big ticket items than little dowels. Also try craft stores. I know Micheals sells bags of dowells in a couple of sizes. The 5/18 size (I think :thinking: ) is perfect for a size 10 needle. I buy lots of these to make for knitting with kids or new knitters. They're pre cut and ready to go. All you need to do is put one end in a pencil sharpener and let your imagination run wild with stoppers for the other end. Some wood oil (like furniture polish or wax) is goos to make them nice and smooth (of course you have to use a little sand paper on the ends after you put it through the sharpener) and you're good to go. Of if youdon't want to be fancy just use a rubber band wrapped around enuf so the yarn won't fall off. A good 3 foot dowell will make one set of dbl points. HAVE FUN!!
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