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anyone still prefer flat needles over circular or just me?
Just wondering, do any of you actually like using "flat" needles. I didn't know that they were even called that until I started using this forum. Here in NZ you don't see many people knitting anymore though I am sure plenty do in the privacy of their own homes and when I was little I used to see women using "flat" needles.

Probably 95% of knitting patterns in the knitting shops here are for "flat" needles and although there are circular needles available there isn't the range of makes and types here that you have overseas.

I have tried circular needles but don't find them any faster or better than "Flat" ones. The only benefit that I can see is you can sit and knit in a confined space without worrying about poking someone. Have also heard that circular needles are better for holding weight of work on larger projects. I have a problem with carpal tunnel syndrome and find that both types of needles help or hurt different parts of the hand/wrist.

Anyway just wondered if any of you like using regualr/flat needles too.
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