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Originally Posted by amy
Well said, y'all.

Babs, try slipping the first stitch of the row, or knitting it extra tight, for neat edges. I demo this in the Demo of a Small Project video at the top of the basic techniques/more page, along with a few other little tips.
Amy, thanks for activating my account, I'm guessing my 2nd email didn't make it to you either, that's why I'm mentioning it now. Must be Prodigy email doesn't mix with whatever is used here.

MY QUESTION: I've heard about slipping the first stitch in every row to make a even border other places, and I see you mentioning it here. The thing that always puzzled me is if the first (and last) stitch of every roll is not worked, they will not grow and remain on the first row height while all the other stitches grow into long rolls. What am I thinking wrong here?
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