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Originally, I thought I liked bamboo and used clover needles but after my gauge balanced out and I got the feel of things, I decided that I much preferred metal. I'm a recent addi convert although the price is killing me (especially since every time I start a new project I MUST have a new pair now...)! As far as yarn goes I think I go through phases...when I started out I though that Wool-Ease thick n quick was the greatest stuff on the planet..then it changed to wool-ease worsted. After that I decided Noro was the coolest stuff ever b/c of the colors...then I was on to microfiber yarns like microspun...lately I've been doing a lot of plain 'ole acrylic squares for warm up america...I adore cotton tots but I've been knitting lots of baby things and I've decided that I love Plymouth Yarn's Dreambaby D.K (50/50 acrylic microfiber and nylon). I salivate over the feel of baby alpaca and I really want to use some for something but I think I'm waiting around for that very special project....Oh...and I like Berroco's yarns for their variety and novelty. .....

Geeze... I bet you wish you didn't ask! LOL!

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