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Originally Posted by Ingrid
Originally Posted by frisky_kittie
Have you used KnitPicks Sierra? Starsky uses Sierra, but I'd like to use Plymouth Encore. Unless Sierra feels nice too. AAhhhh... too many yarns. :drooling:
Sorry! I haven't used Sierra. I wouldn't hesitate for a moment to use Encore for it. Probably would be my first choice in an non-wool. I made two Fair Isle sweaters with the dk. I wash and dry them all the time and they look good as new. The childrens' sweaters I've made were mostly Encore, as well. They get thrown in the wash every time they're worn.

You'd have to go with the Encore Bulky, though, for the Starsky.


So Encore Chunky, or Encore Chunky Colorspun would work for Starsky? I love the pattern...but don't like the fact that Sierra is hand-wash. That is the reason I've shyed away from doing Starsky. I don't want to have to hand wash it...ugh.. :rollseyes: I don't have time for that! LOL!! :rofling:

Ugh... Like I need to inquire about yarn for another project...when I just started a new project (an afghan) 2 days ago,...not to mention some socks I have going as well. I "always" stick to 1 project at a time. Then went out of my 1 project mode...and decided ok...I'm going to start a challenging project (the afghan)..and have my easy project..socks. Now here I am :thinking: about the "Starsky".

Btw, I'm using Encore Worsted for my afghan....Never used Encore before...I LOVE IT!! So nice, and SMUSHY! I likey!! Very nice to work with! (Is smuSHHHy a word..?!? Hmm.. Heehee!! And the main thing: it's WASHABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well at least I can plan to do the Starsky in the future...(possibly near future..) LOL! Add it to my list..


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