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Originally Posted by brendajos
well i think i can answer the after purling question. maybe.

i found out recently that i was wrapping my yarn around the needle the wrong way when i purled. i knew i was doing it different but my work didn't look any different when i was done so i decided it didn't matter. one day i saw someone say that it was creating a twisted stitch and that was why it was so hard to get the needle in. i have consciously switched the way i purl and it is way easier to get that needle in! it takes me longer because i am relearning how to purl but knitting after a purl row is much more pleasant!
-I did the exact same thing when I was young and someone pointed it out to me, finally. You can see it in your work if you know what to look for. When looking at the stockinette stitch (right side of sweater) the little loops that are going up on top of each other should not make a cross over at the bottom where they sit on top of the stitch below them. They are more like an upside down letter 'u' with a tight neck.
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