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Joining 1st round on dpns
I am knitting a preemie cap and using double-pointed needles for the first time. I have the stitches (50) divided onto 3 needles and am using a 4th for the "free" needle (or whatever it's called). Okay...I knit all the stitches off the 1st needle. Then I use the newly emptied needle to knit the stitches off the next one & so on. When I knit the 50th stitch in row 1, it's time for me to somehow connect it to the beginning so that I am knitting in a circle. I understand the concept but cannot for the life of me figure out how to make that first joining stitch so I can get on with the project. Should I slip the first stitch (i.e., the 50th) onto my right-hand needle and work from there? -- I faked my way through it the first time and completed about 10 rows but was not happy with the way that 1st row looked so know I didn't do it right. --- btw, this is my first time here and you all have a great forum! Thanks -- j.
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