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i may have to knit backwards--any tips?
When knitting in the round I end up knitting inside out (i'm a self-taught knitter so my 'style' has some quirks). I made mittens and just flipped them the right side out--they worked fine. So, without thinking ahead, I did the same thing when I started a teddy bear. Now I am coming to the part where I'm going to have to flip him inside out, stuff him, and knit him shut. The trick is, if I flip him inside out, the last few rows of my knitting will be in the wrong direction.

My best case scenario would be to change the direction of my knitting, then knit forwards and just follow the pattern in reverse (swap k2tog for ssk etc).

Does anyone have any tips on changing the direction of the knitting?

Does my solution sound reasonable? (or are there tricks to following the reverse of a pattern?)

I'm using a solid brown, fuzzy, acrylic yarn (fairly forgiving so far) so an extra stitch wouldn't be too noticeable.

Thanks a bunch in advance to any guru out there who can help guide me out of this mess!
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