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im still brand new to all of this (two months and counting.. still don't know a knitter in real life either! except for you guys, im alone in my new obsession) but ive got favorites now.

the saturated colors of lambs pride chunky. its one ply, which ive found is my favorite ply aesthetically, the thickness of the chunky overwhelmes my senses, its soft with that bit of mohair in it. the ink blue is exquisite. im scared to work with it because i want it to be perfect. its not super expensive; its just so perfect, i want to find the perfect pattern/stitches to bring out the best of it.

so thats my favorite yarn.

ive seen online the manos and i want color 109 - mountain. what striking colors! the manos is also one ply. so that could be my favorite, but ive enver touched it.

my favorite needles are bamboo for DPN's, addi's for circulars, and plain old metal boyles for my straights.

these threads are fun to read.
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