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this is great for all that cheap 99c acrylic wool you picked up but it too scrachy to make clothes out of!

Its a picture file you could save on your computer (for personal use only of course) and its a bit fuzzy, if you've got a good eye or you can zoom in a bit with a picture editor or with the preview program in windows you can read it well. Its looks like you could just stitch eyes etc too if you wanted and fill it with what ever you want i heard very tighty pack newspaper works well.
It is a catalogue so it might be best to save it first and dont rely that it'll just be on the web i think they change thier catalouges every month or so. I've got it on my computer so email me if it moves i'll email it back. yep it moved here:
I'm only learning to knit, come from a crocheting background. Be kind!
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