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We have all kinds of birds here but we also have deer, racoons, and skunks that stay around our house so I'm wondering would they try to get it?? would it hurt them?? :thinking: I just now tried to catch a deer he was behind our wash house but he ran as I turned the corner to get his picture lol he was a cutie... :D

Shremeee my little shih-tzu is a big chicken but I went out with him over the weekend and we had 8 deer close to the back porch he took off and chased them back into the woods wouldn't listen to me as I was hollering come back.. he got to the edge of the field turned back with his little tail and ears up and hopped home.. he was so excited funny thing is if one would have just snorted he would have ran into the house and hid under the futon... :D

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