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So when you do your decreases,
particulary when it doesn't specify which type of decrease to use just something like

Dec one st at each end of the next and 3(3:3:3:4) foll alt rows. 48(52:56:60:64) st

do you have your decrease incorporate the last stitch of the row, like knit to the last 2 and then k2tog, or do you do knit to the last 3 stitches, k2tog, and knit the last stitch (or ssp and then purl for the WS)?

And as it is above it would be (in stockinette, starting with 60 rows)

K -- dec row
P -- dec row
K -- dec row
P -- dec row...until I get to 48?

It's the back of a 9-12 month size baby bolero sweater.
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