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I bought some of the Shepherds sock yarn by Lorna's Laces (back in the day...when I was still ordering.....) and I couldn't BELIEVE the differnece in the feel of the socks than say--the , well, less pricey sock yarns I'd been using. They were SO soft and the yarn just almost knitted itself!! My daughter-in-law was so happy with them. I'd made her a pair of socks with some self-striping I'd found at Michael's--can't remember the name-think it was made by Lion Brand-but there was all the difference in the world. The LL socks were SO cuddly! I am working on a pair now from yarn I got from KnitPicks lasy year that is part cotton and part nylon--I didn't think I'd like it at first, but it really does nicely and it's stretchy--feels great, and will be cooler for summer. I LOVE knitting socks!!
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