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Okay, so I know all about gauge and the relationship between guage and size. I mean, I don't know everything, but I understand the concept, and so on. Here is what I want to know: Sizing. And the relationship between the different sizes. For example, are there garment industry standards that tell us what the approximate (average) measurements of say, a size 10 are? And what is the percentage relationship between both the numbered sizes and general sizes of s, m and l? For instance, if I have a pattern that only gives info for a size small, and I want to make a medium, is there a percentage by which I could increase the pattern to get the medium? I know HOW to do it, I'm just not sure by HOW MUCH? Is a medium, in general, 15% larger than a small?

I know that it depends on the type and fit of a garment, but there must be some standards based on averages and so on, right? I am finally ready to start designing, but feel I need more information on garment fit and sizing before I do this. Any wisdom you have to impart would be appreciated.
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