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How often do you use your Yarn Swift?
I'm going to be stepping into some money soon, and I dont get money that often, but I have a dilemma...sortof.

Anyway, I was wondering two things - of those of you that HAVE Yarn swifts, how often do you use them, and how often do you knit?

I ask both these questions because I go through phases of "cant live without knitting!" and "I can live without it" a few weeks (or months) at a time. Of course, my first love is drawing, and I have just stepped back into it and dont intend of backing away anytime soon. But I do many other things.

So I'm wondering will it be worth it to get a Yarn swift? I have a ball winder on my list of things to get, but a yarn swift?...I dunno. The combination of the two is quite expensive! (I'm only getting 300 bucks and my wishlist is humongous)

There's only been two times throughout the year and a half I've been knitting that a yarn swift/ball winder would have been nice. But I think a ball winder would be awesome for all the balls of yarn I have and they easily come apart themselves. (pull skeins)

so, do you think it's worth it? (this coming from someone who hasnt knit since st paddys day)

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