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learning a new way to knit?
Hello, beginner here. A very happy excited beginner.

Last weekend I spent several hours working on my first projects, dish clothes to give my mom and MIL for mother's day. Anyhoo, by the end of the weekend I was very sore in my neck, back, and hands. I am using the needles in both hands, wrapping the yarn, using my hands and fingers a lot etc...... Some books have warned taht this "beginner" method of "fisting" the yarn can lead to repetitive stress injury.

Do I need to try to learn the continental method of knitting?

And, how long do each of you spend knitting each day or on a weekend day? Now, I am working on matching stripped cloths and am really only doing it every other day or an hour or so but still feel sore in my hands :(

Any advice?
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