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Aaargh! My class just cancelled! (venting here...)
So last night I just finished my 2-session intro to knitting class (learned to cast-on, knit and purl, bind-off). Only did a practice piece, no real project. I've been very excited about my class that was to start next week at a different LYS. Five sessions of learning the basics while making a pair of mittens. And my son was excited too because I let him help me pick out the yarn so the mittens could be for him.

Just got the call this afternoon that there aren't enough people in the class (have 3, need 4 minimum) and so it was cancelled. :( Aaargh! No one is signed up for any of the other upcoming beginner classes until July, and that won't work with baby #4 due then. There is an advanced beginnning class in June that I had been looking at, and they might let me take it if I want (it already has 3 people registered), but I wanted both the one in May AND the one in June.

You'd think they'd rather have three people paying to take the class in May (and in the store for 5 sessions, probably spending more money) than cancel it and have no one at all. I even asked if they'd make an exception, since they did have 3 signed up for this class and none signed up for any of the others in May or June, but the answer was no.

Very, very frustrating!

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