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Yoke help
I am making this sweater and am at this point:

Using a new ball of yarn and double-point needles, CO 11 sts. Work in 1x1 Rib until work measures 5 inches, ending with a WS row.

Next Row [RS]: Work in patt to last st, ssk last st of band tog with first st of neckline.
Next Row [WS]: Work in patt.
Repeat these 2 rows until all sts of neck have been worked.

Work band for 5 inches more. BO all stitches in patt.

So, am I using just two double needles? If so, how do I stay in my pattern because when I turn my work around all my knit sts from the first row look like they are purl sts??? And when I get to the point where I am ssk sts I will be taking the st off of my double needles and onto my circ, right?

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