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When I first learned to knit, it was as a kid at school, I think I was around about 8 years old and the craze lasted all of 3 months. Then when I was 18 I saw a sweater I fell in love with and HAD to have. It was cotton and short sleeved for the summer, very much in the 1940's style. At around that time, a magazine came out which was a week on week build up to learn the knitting craft called Creative Knitting. A free folder came with the first part and I ended up subscribing to it.

I got every single edition of that magazine and I followed the instructions, eventually I knitted my sweater. It was too small, so I knitted it again in a different colour and it fit perfectly. I still have the magazines somewhere.

Skip 20 years to around about a month ago where a local charity shop had the Creative Knitting folder and all the patterns / magazines included. I ignored it and wondered where my own was. I couldn't find mine so I went back and for 50 pence (around about $1) I got the thing.

Then I searched on this new fangled thing called the world wide web, and fell onto

I watched Amy's videos, read as much as I could and picked the needles up again. My biggest hurdle was remembering how to cast on. Didn't matter, I soon got it when I watched Amy's video.

You've got the very first basic thing down already, you know how to pick up a pair of needles.

It totally sucks that they cancelled it on you, I agree they COULD have carried on, I mean they were only 1 person short. However, their loss is your gain because you have found this place and I can honestly say, there is no place greater on the web.

You could get a beginners knittng book (I picked up a good housekeeping pocket size book from ebay) and work through the projects in that. We will always be here to help if you get stuck
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