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"economical" stitch to use for super long scarf
Hi all!

I've decided to attempt a Dr. Who inspired scarf for a friend of mine. The original (from the classic British sci-fi show) was a multi-color garter-stitch scarf that was 20 feet long or something crazy like that -- my plan is to work on Jay's scarf off and on when I need a break from other projects and see how long it gets by Christmas. I really don't want to do garter stitch, because I think that'd get really boring really fast. (I'm also going to change the colors, to ones I think he'd like better. The main idea is to just make it as long as possible, that's why it's "inspired.")

Ideally, I'd like to find an "economical" stitch that will help me maximize the length of scarf I can get out of each ball. You know? Any one have any ideas for a good stitch to use, or know of a resource that has data on the relative yarn requirements for different kinds of stitches? Books, websites, whatever. Thanks! :XY:
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