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Oh Denise, the idea of doing that much garter stitch for that long is just too depressing! Plus, he already has one Dr. Who scarf anyway. He is fond of it, but he never actually wears it -- I think it might be too colorful for him since his wardrobe is predominantly gray and black (maybe a bit of brown for variety, lol). Despite his not wearing that one, though, I do think that he would enjoy wearing an absurdly long scarf if it were custom knit just for him. I was thinking of making it narrower (maybe just 8 inches or so) to lessen the overall bulk, and using more subdued colors.

I'm not sure I'm actually going to go through with this plan, but I like the idea of having an ongoing project that I can work on whenever I don't feel like working on anything else, and I especially like the idea of just seeing how long it ends up being without really having to worry about following a specific pattern or making a deadline.

So are you a Dr. Who fan, Denise? You sound like you may be, or maybe made a scarf for someone who is. I've tried watching a couple reruns and just don't get it. The new series on sci-fi is not bad, though.
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