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I'm married to a dyed-in-the-wool fan, and have met enough Whovians to know how passionate they can be!

I briefly considered making a Doctor Who scarf for my hubby, but couldn't face all that garter stitch, either!

Given what you've said about his other scarf, it sounds like you're on the right track: subdued colors, long but narrower, something you can work on without a pattern or deadline, a project that's a welcome filler rather than a taskmaster!

I've come across references to a method of deliberately dropping stitches in a patterned way. I believe it makes the finished item longer and/or wider than it's original knit dimensions. There was a mention awhile back on the Yarn Harlot website of a Christmas gift scarf made this way.

There's a "ravelled rib stitch" mentioned here that might work

Amy has an "Elongated Stitch Scarf" under the "free patterns" tab that looks intriguing. And at this site there are some other possibilities
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