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Red Heart no dye lot yarn
Has anyone else used this? I just got done with a kid's sweater I made with the "Amethyst", and found that this yarn should, actually, come with dye lots. One side is a rich, deep purple, and the side where I had to attach a second ball of yarn is more of a deep plum shade - it has a bit of a reddish cast to it.

Since this is for a kid, and I mainly made it for her to wear to football games (purple is one of the school colors) to keep warm, I'm not going to get all psycho about it. (Besides that, I made a couple of boo-boos in the pattern, but they aren't huge, so I'm letting them go, too - but am definitely learning from them! LOL!!) I did want to say something, though, in case someone was going to use it in a project where it would make a big difference. (I know most of you guys are good enough that you don't mess with the cheap yarn, but I haven't got the confidence to be messing with $5 and $6 yarn yet, and thought there might be some other newbies in the same boat)

The real trick is, it's not noticeable under flourescent lighting. Of course, most stores have flourescent lighting, so you probably wouldn't notice it until you got it under incandescent lighting. I don't know how much it will show up in the sunlight.

Just thought I'd see if anyone else had run into this, and maybe give people a "heads up".
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