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Not to contradict you, but I did compare the coding on the wrapper (where the dye lot normally was), and both had the same number. They still didn't match.

In fact, last night I was picking up some stuff and glanced at the Light and Lofty (also advertised as "no dye lot") I picked up 2 skeins, and one was obviously had more of the color woven through, and it was darker. I'm guessing they had 2 different shipments in the same bin. All numbers matched.

This isn't a problem if you pick up the skeins at the same time and the difference is that obvious (with the purple, it definitely wasn't until I got it out from under flourescent lighting). But, it just so happened that I had picked these skeins up a while back when planning to make a stadium blanket that I never got started on. They ran out once, so I picked some up the next time they had it in. The stadium blanket is still waiting to be made, but I did swipe two of the skeins to make the sweater.
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