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Moving right along
Well I've been done with the left sleeve for some time and have been working on the left front and back of the jacket. So far so good. I do have other things I'm knitting in between so I won't get bored with all the garter stitching. :XX: :XX:

I found buttons when at another YS and bought them. They will work out fine. Didn't expect to see them there but there they were.

I just received the "Big Girl Knits" and the "Classic Knits for Real Women" books in yesterdays mail and WOW are most of them so beautiful!! Especially in the Classic book. The BGK book sure made me laugh out loud a few times by how it is written..very entertaining and it has wonderful measuring information. There is a brown jacket with red trim that I love in there. I'm not sure my abilities are up to the challenge of most of the patterns. I wish I could BUY knitting experience!!
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