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Re: Help with scallop trim pattern
>>Does yarn forward just mean to move the yarn forward as if to purl but then actually knit the stitch?

Yes - it creates an extra stitch

>> Why is yfwd in parantheses?

Becuase they are telling you to do the Yfwd TWICE - I suspect this is where you lost you stitched

>>What does it mean to "K st on left needle again" in Row 2? Does it just mean to knit the next stitch? If so, why doesn't it just say K3?

You knit a stitch - which passes it to the right needle - they then tell you to move it back to the left needle and pass the next 8 stitches over the one you just knitted THEN you knit that one stitch again

>In Row 3 why is K1, K1 tbl in parantheses?

Because you have to do that twice also once for each of the yfwds you did in the previous row

Hope that helps you !
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