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I'm tired of that line too.
I haven't done the freezer cooking per se, but I have frozen extra meals. The whole idea of spending an entire day in the kitchen just doesn't appeal to me. In the summer, I pretty much avoid the whole cooking thing. My kids are picky too, but I have found that my kids will eat food that's not mixed better than they will eat say, a casserole.

I just pull a meat (grilled chicken, ham, bacon, ground beef, sausage) from the fridge, let the kids choose a fruit or veg (I always have apples, bananas, oranges, green beans, cucumber, tomatoes, and a few wild cards), add a slice of cheese (they love to slice their own cheese with a wire slicer) and maybe a piece of bread from the bakery.

I've decided that I have been totally been overthinking the whole dinner thing! If you really like cookbooks, Saving Dinner and First Meals are my favorites. The Saving Dinner book actually has 6 meals, 6 recipes, and a shopping list for 26 weeks (I think--something like that).

Another hint I have is that ground meats can be browned and then frozen in ziplock bags. Makes tacos, spaghetti, etc. so much easier to pull together.

Feel free to PM if you want a few other ideas.
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