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I *used* to do this regularly. It made life a lot easier. When I was with my fiance, it always seemed to be me home first. Not that I worked shorter hours, in fact I worked longer hours but he would go to the pub after work.

I'd then have to either decide myself what we were having for dinner and cook it or wait on him. I didn't like waiting on him - he'd often not roll in till past 9pm.

In the end I made up a 'menu' and said ok Mondays we have Lasagne, Tuesdays; Chilli etc etc I bought a 5 litre cooking pot and set to. I would make a massive chilli and freeze it in single portion size packs. The night before we were due to have that meal, I'd take two portion packs out and shove them on a plate in the fridge. By the next evening they would be defrosted.

For Lasagne, I'd cook up the meat part and freeze that in portion sizes. Same thing, take it out the night before; get home, put the layers of the lasagne together (I also pre-prepared the bechemel sauce) and slam it in the oven.

My mum lived her life like this, pre-preparing meals since we were a household of 6 kids, a grandparent and a lodger.

These days.. my freezer is broken and I can't afford to replace it at the moment. My boiler and washing machine are also broken - I live in a broken home! Soon though I'll be able to replace them all and maybe get a dishwasher to boot

It's pretty easy - spend a weekend once or twice a month cooking non stop and make sure you put things into portion sizes. That way if someone can't come / cries off dinner at the last moment to hang with the guys etc, you can still have a single portion available to you.
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