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Yay, Kristen, glad you're game. Woohoo!

Sara Jayne, you'll be our emeritus member! Your beautiful Cozy inspired me to finally get my butt in gear!

I feel silly that I didn't post the link to the pattern so that folks would know what I was talking about. :rollseyes: Sara Jayne, thanks for posting it! Celine, are you interested?

Kristen, I'm hoping to make mine for a November trip, though ideally I would finish before then b/c I'd like to make a second shawl for the trip as well. It's nice, though, to have the whole summer to work on it. I really want to knit mine in the Reynolds Mandalay that the designer used, but I'm still deciding. My LYS can order it for me, but only in a bag of 10. I have a 20% coupon for my LYS, so the 10 skeins there would cost me the same as buying 8 online, but I don't really need those extra 2 skeins. :thinking: Still trying to make up my mind. I have an LYS gift card burning a hole in my pocket while I sit here trying to figure out what to get....
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