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Audio books while knitting?
Hello Ladies. Do any of you listen to audio books while knitting? I have found that I feel much more productive if I can knit or type entries on my blog, etc., if I can "read" a book, too. We are enjoying it quite a lot!

I searched for our first audio book about two months ago and found Pride and Prejudice. I found a place that lets you preview the audio book to see with narrator you like best. I have really enjoyed P & P and have listened to it twice through! (It's over 13 hours long)
Our second audio book was Sarah, Plain and Tall, which included all three books by Patricia M. And, even better, it is read by Glenn Close! She does a wonderful job.
The third one we chose was Charlotte's Web. Oh! It is wonderful. It is read by the author, E.B. White and is fabulous. I am listening to it right now. Charlotte's Web is special to us. I've had the book and movie since my 16-year old was a baby. I would watch it over and over and it has become our absolute favorite cartoon and is in my top five favorites of movies overall. It was no surprise that we have enjoyed the audio c.d. so.
Last week we were able to get two new ones. I chose Sense and Sensibiblity, which I am listening to now. The other we chose today is Joni, which is read by Joni Eareckson Tada herself! We listened to that on Friday and it was wonderful. My next audio book will be another Jane Austen book (Persuasion or Mansfield Park).

If you also listen to audio c.d.s while knitting, what are your favorites? :XX:
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