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Audio books
I love audio books! Our library has a pretty good selection, so I generally just browse the shelf and find something by an author I enjoy. Before children, I was well read. But now, if I start reading, I fall asleep. The only way I can get in any literature are audio books.

Sounds like you need books that the children would enjoy as well. What about...
Anne of Green Gables
Little House on the Prarie
anything by Frances Hodgson Burnett (by the way, my maiden name was Burnett, I used to pretend I was related to her)
Mrs. Piggle Wiggle
Babe The Galliant Pig
Beverly Cleary books (the Mouse and the Motorcyle, Ramona books)
Dahl books

I also like to listen to NPR downloads-the Prairie Home Companion, Infinite Mind, Parent's Journal,etc.
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