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I knit and 'read' at the same time ALL the time (and every moment I can!!)! Mostly though it is in bed at the end of the night to unwind (I don't have a DH to keep me company or wind down with!!). I have read a lot.....but my favorites are the ones that have the different characters in different voices, and for that you just have to experiment, I'm afraid.

Although, speaking of audio books, I have had my share of nightmares too. The newest Diana Gabaldon book (highly, highly recommended--synopsis here for the first book) is available on cd, but there are the abridged and nonabridged versions. The abridged version is 13 cds, and available everywhere (btw, her books are very detailed and complex--you need the ENTIRE book)-however, the unabridged version is 48 cds and was specially recorded for the visually impaired, hence it is in the 'special' collections at our local library, and I can't get at it!! Add to that saga that the library doesn't interlibrary loan their cds or books less than a yr old, and I am fubarred!!

Very frustrating!!
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