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Tasha's shawl -- help with lace edging instructions!
Greetings! Tasha's shawl is a free pattern that I am trying to complete, but have come to a step that I don't understand and hope that you can help. I'm almost finished, but I don't understand what "work into each one (stitch) twice" Here are the exact instructions:

"When 2 live body sts remain to be attached to the edging, work into each one twice - in other words, as you come in towards the shawl, pick up the stitch from the shawl edge that was part of the last P 3 tog and use it in the next P 3 tog. "

Any help would be greatly appreciated - I've come too far to not finish this great shawl. Thanks so much!

I've pasted the rest of the instructions below in case they would be helpful.

"When you have used up all the live stitches, pick up into the yo sts at the shawl edge and continue attaching the edging to the shawl using the yo sts as you did the live sts earlier. Work the first of these twice as you did the last 2 live stitches. Continue with edging until 1 yo remains. Work into this st twice (as before). Pick up 1 st at the point and work it twice as you did for the last yo stitch. Continue on the next side, working the first yo st twice. Work the final 2 yo sts twice, to finish the last corner."
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