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Hello Trudy and Celine - I am a Christian as well. I was hoping to meet some nice Christian ladies here who loved to knit as well.

I will be 40 in September and have been over weight for 7 years now. I never had a problem with weight before that, always going back to my normal weight (I'm five feet five inches) of 130 pounds after each of my five pregnancies. Then, I started taking a prescription medicine that made me ravenous for six months and I shot up over 200 pounds! For all of those seven years I have been struggling and flip-flopping back and forth between 180 and 230. I stopped taking that medicine, and switched to another, but it has been so hard to lose it. It has been the worst 7 years of my life.

BTW, I have seen that website. A lot of women I know of on-line have used it successfully.

I started walking every day a few weeks ago. It is helping - so we shall see!
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