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Thank you, Celine. I'm interested and going to check it out as well.

I have struggled with my weight my entire life. I remember when I was a youngster, my dad would always introduce me as "this is my daughter, Renna. She's fatter'n the town dog". Looking back at pictures of myself as a child, I realize I really wasn't that fat, but I was chubby. I know that was a terrible thing for my father to do, but I guess he just didn't know better. :(

I managed to slim down pretty well through high school by living mostly on salads. I've gone on alot of crash diets over the years, losing large sums of weight in short periods of time. I realize now that all that yoyo dieting has slowed my metabolism to a crawl, and my weight has continued to climb. :rollseyes:

I want to be more outgoing in my witness for God. There are times I want to be able to assert myself and make friends with new people, but I always let my weight hold me back, feeling that they'll judge me. I realize that for that reason, my weight is keeping me from being used by God as much as I should.

We all need to learn to picture ourselves as God pictures us. He doesn't see our external. He sees our
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