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OMI---I've been waiting for you to come thru!! I've goggled all over the 'net looking for instructions and every pattern handles this differently.

I think what's confusing me is that the first instruction says to move the sleeve stitches then on the next instruction it says to remove the markers. I'd just have two markers bouncing against one another 'cause you don't add the 4 extra stitches until the RS row.

I'm thinking of tinking back to the WS, knitting the sleeve stitches, then move them to holders. That would allow the yarn to flow continuously, and then on the next row, add the 4 extra stitches for the armhole which I assume would take up the little gap area which currently looks pretty tight.

Makes sense to me, I think. This is such a simple pattern but these two rows brought me grinding to a halt. And of course, I want it to be perfect 'cause this is suppose to be for a christening.

Thank you, thank you ma'am.


TRUST THE PATTERN and if all else fails, TRUST INGRID!!
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