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What to do when you're blue?
I've had a horrible week, just horrible. My job here is taking care of my cattle. They all have names, they come when they are called and the male farmers around here know I'm crazy cause I don't raise them for market. Yes, about every other year we have a steer butchered for the locker and all the kids and their kids come about once a month and load up with beef. Yesterday I lost one of my cows. She was a bottle baby-I raised her on a calf bottle. She was a mature lady but I still wasn't ready for her to die. I cried. All the vets could do was scratch their heads and send blood samples away. I'm going to have to raise her calf on a bottle now too. I had him pinned up in my barn, but some bright soul decided to let him out. When questioned, all the hands did the "Not me" thing. Thanks guys. Now the little guy has to go another 12 hours without having warm milk and crying and crying for his mom. :crying: :crying:

This morning I attended a performance of Beauty and the Beast my four year old granddaughter was in. When we left I knew I had to change this mood pretty quickly or it was going to bleed over on her. First we went to ToysRUs to gather some goodies for her, then we hit the LYS for me. It worked. Knitting a new project with new yarn is good for the soul.
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