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OT: Ever had a REALLY bad year?
This isn't a plea for sympathy or advice. You don't have to think of anything nice or helpful to say. I'm just hoping that by putting a few things down in print the emotional pressures within will ease up a little.

DS7 was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome. The school and I got pretty sick of seeing each other this year. BUT -- I focused on how high functioning he is, how fortunate we are to have worked out our marriage issues before this hit us, how lucky we can afford to get him help, and how generous the response was on this forum that lead us to some really good help.

Then DH's cluster headaches came out of remission and he had to be out of work for two, almost three, months. BUT -- focused on the fact that we recovered some of the lost income through short-term disability, and thanked God for the Family and Medical Leave Act that kept him from losing his job entirely.

Now, at the ripe old age of 47, I am told I have Parkinson's Disease.

I absolutely cannot fall apart. DH panics if I'm anxious or unhappy -- for him to be able to help me, I have to stay calm, optomistic and assured. I don't want to be a sad sack with a litany of woes to recite every time someone asks, "How are you?" The soap opera of my life just isn't that interesting to someone not living it.

In fact, unless I decide to pay someone to listen to me feel sorry for myself, I can't think of a soul it would benefit.

So why am I telling you? Because I felt compelled to tell SOMEBODY, and you have the advantage of being able to escape with the click of a mouse button without having to worry about seeming rude.
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