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Thanks for your kindness, ladies. Celine, faith is my greatest joy.

I 'overdid it' at the computer one day almost a year ago and ended up with an aching shoulder. I assumed that if I laid off the mouse and stuff, it would get better. My husband and I made a marriage retreat a month later which involved a lot of writing, and I blamed my lack of progress on that. Mom was convinced it was knitting that was keeping me from healing.

By Thanksgiving family were commenting on the tremor I'd developed in my right arm. I'd also lost the ability to write legibly. My husband kept nagging me to go to the doctor, but I would say that a doctor would just tell me not to use the arm til it healed, and I could do that myself.

At Christmas a dear friend visited, and she said she'd had repetitive strain injuries that felt similar and showed me some stretches that her physical therapist had given her. They helped with the pain somewhat.

It wasn't untili April that we had DS's situation at school somewhat under control and DH's cluster headache bout was starting to wind down enough for him to resume work. I decided I could sneak a doc's visit in for myself. The doctor didn't like the tremor and referred me to a neurologist. I finally got in to see one on Thursday this week.

The neurologist thinks I had the cart before the horse.. that it was actually the beginnings of rgidity from Parkinson's that set my shoulder up to be injured. Now, of course, I flash back to wondering wny it was hard to manipulate the mouse with normal speed and precision (blame the cordless mouse), and how annoyed I was with my blurry vision that a new prescription didn't help with (blame dry eyes from computer use) -- both subtle warning signs of Parkinson's.

In the end, I have two options:

1.- Have Parkinson's and wallow in misery, or
2.- Have Parkinson's and make the best of it

As not having Parkinson's isn't an option, it only makes sense to choose the second (even if I did take a moment there to wallow in it).

I feel a bit like Blanche DuBois -- depending on the kindness of strangers. Your gifts of caring mean much. You gift not only me, but those around me have their burden of support eased a little bit as well.
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